5 ways to increase your child’s articulation skills

Ways to help a child's articulation skills

Having a break from school in the summer months does not mean that your child’s articulation skills need to take a break as well! Use these helpful reminders to keep your child’s speech sounds at their best by practicing weekly during the summer. It is important to remind your child that even though it’s summer they still need to think about using their good speech sounds.

  • Reading out loud is a great way to practice speech because they can see the letter and they can hear the sound. Joining a summer reading club could also be a good way to make new friends!
  • Remember that it is helpful for your child to hear you say the sound so they have a comparison to their own speech.
  • Make a list of target sounds with your child and have them focus on one at a time. Offer occasional feedback about how they are doing. Compliment them for “good sounds.” Display the list on the refrigerator or corkboard!
  • Decide on a short time each day to listen closely to your child’s speech. Maybe at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Five to 10 minutes is enough time if it’s done several times per week.
  • If you do not understand what your child said do not pretend you did. Ask them to say it again. Do not demand numerous repeats to see if they can do better. The most important thing is understanding the message.

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012 in Tips from Infinity

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