Therapy services for children in Rome and Calhoun

Therapy Services for Children in Rome, Ga.Infinity Rome

Our main clinic is located at 304 E. Sixth Ave. in historic downtown Rome “Between the Rivers.” Our clinic is equipped with the latest, most effective, child-friendly materials and equipment available. We also have an outdoor playground as well as a separate facility that houses equipment suitable for our older, teenage clients.

Infinity Children’s Services
304 E. Sixth Ave., Rome, GA 30701

Phone: 706-378-9044
Fax: 706-378-9046

Therapy Services for Children in Calhoun, Ga.Infinity Calhoun

Our Calhoun clinic is located at 517 Oothcalooga St., just a few blocks from downtown and directly across the street from Calhoun High School. It is also equipped with the latest and most effective materials. This clinic provides a wonderful, child-friendly environment.

Infinity Children’s Services
517 Oothcalooga St., Suite A, Calhoun, GA 30701

Phone: 706-624-1003
Fax: 706-624-1005